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General conditions


Please review all the prices, including the general prices and additional fees.
If you still need help understanding the cost of your holiday you can always mail us with specific request, we'll be glad to help.
Owners, or tourist office representing them, usually require 10% (minimum of 100 Euro) of the total sum as a non-refundable advanced payment for the reservation. Payments can be made, and are recommended, trough a bank account.
All the prices are informative. For the exact price of the acommodation unit and total price for reserved period we advise to ask representing tourist office.

Apartments and rooms

All the apartments and rooms of corresponding category are furnished and have to have bed linen, towels and apartments fully furnished kitchen too.
Accommodation units can be taken into rent from the 14:00 hours on the day of arrival, and have to be vacant by 10:00 on the day of departure.
Bed linen and towels are changed corresponding to category of the accommodation unit, at minimum of each 7 days.

The apartments must consist of a kitchen and bathroom regardles of the category. The rooms have private or shared bathroom.

On our site where apartment is indicated with 0 bedrooms it means it has no separate bedroom. 1 bedroom means it has one room with 2-3 beds and rest of the beds are in livingroom.

House order

Although on many accommodation units there is no written house order, generally there is night silence between 22:00 till 07:00 next day.
There can be only registered guests in accommodation unit, it is strictly forbidden for unregistered guests to be in accommodation unit from 22:00 till 07:00 (during night).
Pets are admitted to only some apartments and almost no rooms. The owner has to allow the pets to enter the accommodation unit, and there is a fee for pets (see price list)
It is forbidden to bring into accommodation unit any substances that are inflammable or have intense odour.


If you have reclamations about your accommodation you have to state them on the arrival.
If the cleaning is not to your satisfaction, owner has to be informed immediately.
Broken furniture and other things have to be reported promptly, if, however, guest damages any furniture or other things, they have to report it to the owner, only the actual value will be charged. Not reporting the damage involves extra costs to be imposed.

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